Have you ever stopped to think about who is best positioned to control health care costs at your company?

Watch our 2 minute video to find the answer.

Don’t be afraid to think differently. It doesn’t cost you anything and you may create something of value.
– R. Edward Freeman

Still thinking about employee benefits as a frustrating, costly expense?

Why not work with AIA Benefits Resource Group to create something of value for your company and your employees.

We believe your employee benefits package should be viewed as a strategic business issue – one that creates a competitive advantage for your company. With the right advice, you can leverage your plan to attract and retain talent and improve health and productivity. But you need to start thinking differently about benefits than you have in the past.

Don’t let a one-size fits all approach drive your employee benefits plan. Find out today how our different thinking leads to better outcomes.

If you are tired of the same frustrating outcome when it comes to employee benefits –
it’s time to start thinking differently.

Take a Longer View

Stop holding your breath at renewal time. Create a multi-year plan built on innovative thinking and sound strategy designed to control cost and improve health.

Turn Your Employees into Engaged and Informed Consumers

Give your employees the decision support tools they need to understand, access and appreciate the value of your benefit plans.

Build a Culture of Wellbeing

Stop focusing on disease. Create and engage your employees in a culture of wellbeing.

See what our clients have to say…

“We have worked with AIA Benefits Resource Group for over 11 years and they have helped integrate our benefit plan design…”
Marian, VP of HR, Phoenix Contact
“By using AIA’s account team structure to supplement our internal HR group, we have access to greatly expanded resources and expertise.”
Michele, Director of HR, Vibra Healthcare
“The first word that comes to mind when I think about the service we receive from AIA Benefits Resource Group is response.”
Mark, EVP/CFO Metro Bank
“With AIA, we’ve found an account team that brings us different, out-of-the-box, thinking and tremendous creativity to the plan design process.”
Carol, VP of HR, SpiriTrust Lutheran
“We have worked with AIA for over 28 years. Every year, they continue to challenge our thinking and exceed our expectations.”
Mike, CEO, Fry Communications
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