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The Value of Benefits. Redefined.


Forward-thinking employers are shifting their conventional focus on health care benefit cost control to next generation benefit plans that attain the highest levels of employee health outcomes for the lowest cost, thereby providing the greatest return for each invested health care benefit dollar.


This new frontier is defined by VALUE.


For employers seeking value - possibly yourself - the first, critical task at hand is to clearly differentiate between the bevy of benefits consultants or brokers who claim to have the knowledge, technology and skill to deliver the best benefits, employee health improvement and value for your investment.


AIA Benefits Resource Group (BRG) delivers such value and can also help you clearly and prospectively differentiate the value of consultant relationships through the use of a defining analytical methodology called "Structure. Process. Outcome." Learn More...


This rigorous, educational and differentiating assessment of a consulting firm's Structure, Process and Outcome enables an employer to successfully cut through smoke and mirrors to accurately identify the most innovative and value-driven benefit plan consultants.


This tool will also clearly illustrate how AIA Benefits Resource Group's value-driven team skillfully and aggressively combines next generation benefit strategies, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled industry relationships to deliver vastly improved benefit plans with measurable, positive financial outcomes every day to every client.


In fact, we guarantee it! Learn more...

Private Exchange Now Available


Set a defined contribution for your benefits plan and allow employees to personalize their benefits with the new Simplicit-e® Private Exchange.

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The BRG Guarantee


"Regardless of who your current benefits broker or consultant is, AIA Benefits Resource Group absolutely guarantees to capitalize on unrealized financial opportunities in your benefits plan while also improving the plan components and increasing the level of employee appreciation." Learn more....

AIA also customizes asset protection programs for companies and individuals featuring exceptional service, cutting-edge technology and products from over 60 regional and national insurance carriers.
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AIA Benefits Resource Group is a proud member of the Benefit Advisors Network, where we collaborate with some of the most successful employee benefits agencies across the country. Read more about the benefits of working with a Smart PartnerĀ®.
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