“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.”
—Albert Einstein, (attributed) – US (German-born) physicist (1879-1955)

You’ve heard us say we use better thinking to produce better outcomes. You may wonder exactly how better from other firms can we really be.

Our thinking is based on the latest science on how organizations and humans behave. Our thinking understands how benefit plan design can support or disrupt organizational and individual wellbeing. It’s more thorough and it’s more strategic. Our thinking understands that:

  • Everything is interrelated — and focusing too narrowly on any one of the “parts” of a business problem often means overlooking the big picture and increases the likelihood of unintended consequences
  • A direct cause and effect relationship does not exist in most situations and particularly when dealing with individual health behavior and wellbeing
  • The relationships we engage in are a crucial factor in determining our health and our ability to heal, as well as the health and success of the organization in which we work
  • Human beings and the organization in which they work can be unpredictably sensitive to small changes and this must be recognized in strategic and tactical  planning

To put it simply, our thinking is built with a holistic view of ensuring that your business goals and corporate wellbeing are fully supported through a well-designed and executed strategic employee benefit plan.

We ask our clients to constantly evaluate our work and let us know how we can improve on what we do well. If you gathered a few of them in a room, here’s some of the things they would tell you about what makes us different, and stand apart, from our competition.

bulletWe see the big picture.

Each client is unique in its business needs and corporate culture. We know one-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the designing an approach that will work best for your unique needs. We listen to your goals and work together with your team to develop the best and most appropriate solution for your given situation. In doing so, AIA/BRG provides a broad holistic and creative approach to ensure we’ve fully considered all the options.

bulletWe take a long view.

Rather than the typical “renewal” approach deployed by most brokers/consultants, AIA/BRG takes a multi‐year strategic planning approach to benefit plan design, employee health/well-being and employee communication. This allows us to focus on achieving your strategic goals and financial objectives, avoiding the annual crisis situation many companies face at renewal time. Our approach, coupled with our continuous feedback loop of detailed metrics, allows us to focus on achieving your strategic goals and financial objectives.

bulletWe understand the cost of health care is really about health.

If you are interested in just managing the cost of your benefits plan, we can do that. Our approach will absolutely result in better outcomes.

But if you are ready to go to the next level to manage your cost AND at the same time improve the health of your employees, we need to talk. We are passionate about delivering innovative solutions that actually work to create behavior change and result in a culture of well-being. It takes a multi-pronged approach that very few firms are equipped to deliver. By leveraging plan design, the latest consumer-driven tools, risk assessment analytics and a commitment to culture change, you can see amazing results that go far beyond your bottom line. You can create an employee benefits plan that creates well-being for the company and your employees resulting in a competitive market advantage

bulletWe know your data.

Your historical medical, pharmaceutical and disability claims trends are a treasure trove of information. We’ve built our company around accessing and converting this data into actionable information for the benefit of our clients. Without the knowledge you gain from an in-depth understanding of data, it’s impossible to accurately project and manage your future health care costs.

We’ve developed sophisticated analytical models that enable us to give you a comprehensive view of your unique situation. From that information, we can recommend alternative approaches, along with the cost/benefit of each scenario. With our analysis and your data, you’ll feel confident that you are making the most strategic decision possible.

bulletHow we deliver.

When you choose AIA/BRG as your employee benefits advisor, you aren’t relegated to a junior account manager. Our senior leadership stay involved with each account and we bring together an entire team of subject matter experts, each with their own distinct role to play in ensuring that your distinct needs are met.

The team approach has proven to provide broad perspectives to our analysis and strategic thinking for our client’s unique needs. But just as importantly, we are there every step of the way executing on the plan. Good planning without effective execution misses the mark. Our team structure results in superior planning outcomes and benefit plan execution.  Learn more about our account structure here.

bulletWe communicate with those who matter.

Meeting with your employees once a year to explain their benefits or giving them a packet of benefits information to digest on their own just doesn’t work. The world of employee benefits continues to become more complex and your employees need help to understand and value their benefits.  Through consistent communication via multiple channels, we help our clients share information in clear and easy-to- understand formats.

Start a conversation with us today to learn more about how our different thinking results in better outcomes for your business today and in the future.