Addressing Healthcare PRICING FAILURE through Direct Provider Contracting
Date: Thursday, September 22
Time: 11am-12pm EST
Cost: FREE Series
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Meet what Forbes called the “Silver Bullet” to lowering health care costs and improving your benefits at the same time. Direct provider contracting drives members to high value providers (higher quality and lower cost). According to David Chase, Self-Funded plans “can be the ‘David’ to the healthcare Goliaths and slay the cost beast” as referenced in the Forbes article below.

Who Should Attend:
CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CPOs & Human Resource Professionals


Featured Speaker:
James Millaway
James G. Millaway is a Co-Founder and the Innovation Lead at The Zero Card, LLC. In 2014 he was named to the inaugural class of the top 40 consultants under 40 in Business Insurance magazine. Mr. Millaway is 1 of only 4 individuals in the U.S certified in Advanced Critical Outcomes Reporting Analysis by Intel-GE Care Innovations in both wellness and disease management.  In 2016 Forbes recognized James as “One of America’s Most Innovative Benefits Leaders” and he is also Chairman of the Board of WellOk\K, the Northeastern Oklahoma Business Coalition on Health, a member organization of the National Business Coalition on Health.
As seen in

The Silver Bullet To Solving Healthcare’s Most Vexing Problem 

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Mission: Laser Targeting Specialty Drugs with a VideoMedicine Solution

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